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Block & Barrel Pickles & Relish

Enjoy the memorable taste of Block & Barrel Classic Pickles.  This complete lineup of traditional pickle varieties offers you the quaility and consistency you expect with the flexibility to fit your menu.  Made with the most popular variety of whole dills, our Hamburger Sliced Dill Pickles will be a hit on your burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and subs.  Our Sweet Mixed Pickles deliver consistent, well-balanced flavour, size, cut and colour for a perfect pickle on every plate.  For genuine dill flavour and a firm, crisp crunch, look no further than our traditional Whole Dill Pickles.  Our delicious Bread & Butter Pickles are created with a hint of sweetness, a fresh, light cucumber flavour, as well as mustard, and celery seeds to provide the perfect complement to any dish.

Tops in quality and flavour, Block & Barrel Classic Relish should be tops on your plate.  Our sweet and crunchy relish is created with a finely cut cucumber base, combined with red peppers, mustard, celery seed, and a blend of spices in a thickened sweet sauce.

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