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Sysco Canada > Home > Products > Sysco Brands > Food Products > BakerSource Bagels
BakerSource Bagels

Thaw & Serve Bagels


Baker Source offers a complete line of fully baked Thaw & Serve Bagels that allow you to serve up real "New York Style" boiled bagels, without all the fuss and bother.


These truly authentic bagels have a chewy thick crust and the characteristic shine of a New York bagel, and come in a wide variety of flavours to suit every menu application -

Whether they are toasted with cream cheese, used to make a pizza bagel, or to prepare specialty signature sandwiches - Your customers will appreciate the fresh -baked flavour, consistent taste and appearance of Baker Source Bagels from Sysco.



Genuine New York Style Bagels available in a variety of flavours:



Cinnamon Raisin




Whole Wheat & Honey



Use just what you need and avoid waste

Ready to Use

Available Pre-sliced or Whole


Please contact your Sysco Marketing Associate for more information.

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delicious ketchup every time.
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