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Fill any shift. At any time

Hyr connects traditional businesses with Shift Solutions ​

Hyr’s mobile platform allows talented, driven workers an option to choose their hours and pick up shifts in a pinch. We play upon a growing restlessness among a younger generation, who value time over money. And value experiences over things. The Bucket List Generation — who are being defined by what you’re working for, not where you work. We also believe that these workers deserve more, so have created a form of benefits that are portable.​

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Download Hyr. Create Your Profile. Post Shifts.

With same-day availability, post shifts, highlighting your specific needs, location, all-inclusive hourly rate of pay, and more.

Choose Workers to Fill Shifts.

From bar backs and bussers, to line cooks and dishwashers, review skilled applicants for every shift and choose the worker that best fits your need with a simple swipe.

Pay Securely.

Credit card payments are handled seamlessly in-app after each shift using Stripe, today’s most trusted and secure payment option.

All-Inclusive Cost.

No set up fee. No subscription. No surprises. Simply post a shift, select your all-inclusive hourly rate of pay, and choose your worker. Hyr handles the rest, including payroll, taxes, and insurance for every shift.

A Revolution for the Restaurant Industry

“Hyr isn’t another overpriced and inefficient staffing agency. Instead, Hyr helps us fill last-minute needs with skilled workers that are already working in the industry who are looking to work an extra shift or two each week.”
     - Yannick B., Restauranteur (The Carbon Bar, Amano, Union Chicken)
“We get really busy when it comes to holidays, special events and big game nights. Hyr helps us find extra hands and we love the mobile app aspect as we can share across managers. I can post a shift at any time, browse applicants with detailed work history, and save us from staffing headaches.”
     - Daimin B., Owner/Operator (Hemingway's)

“We have had some great Hyr pros come through that have helped out and blended well with the culture we have in the kitchen. Looking forward to continuing using Hyr, so far it has been a win!”
     - Nick M., Executive Chef (Toronto Marriott City Centre)

“It has been incredible. The app interface is user friendly and the staff that I have used through the app are competent and reliable. I will always choose Hyr, they take what is usually a stressful problem and provide an easy solution.”
     - Allison G., Chef De Cuisine (Piano Piano)


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