COVID-19 Services and Solutions

How to Continue to Grow Your Business

Tools, tips and products to help you continue to develop your business such as off-premise occasions, driving social engagement and increasing traffic.

Utilize smart ways to adapt your business to the global pandemic by preparing your customers and encouraging them to be proactive when it comes to what you have to offer in your business.

Tackling Off-Premise Dining

With the outbreak of COVID‐19, consumers are more likely to dine off‐ premise than in dining restaurant experiences. If a restaurant does not have an off‐premise dining program, they can lose vital revenue.

Off‐premise dining is a great revenue driver during times of crisis.

Vehicles for off‐premise dining include:

Delivery Solutions To Optimize Your Business

Consumer demand for delivery and takeout meal options is expected to rise amid the social distancing efforts related to COVID-19. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help operators quickly adapt to accommodate public concerns, while minimizing operational disruptions. By offering consumers peace of mind and convenience with delivery services and quality products, the public can feel a sense of normalcy, while restaurants continue to operate.

Exclusive Sysco & Uber Eats Discounts

Restaurants are telling us they need delivery now more than ever, so we’ve added to our special offer for Sysco customers to make it easier and cheaper for new restaurants to give delivery a shot.

Social Media Tips To Interact With Your Customers 

The Social Media toolkit provides tips and best practices to help you manage and promote your business during the COVID-19 outbreak.   

Social Media Can Help You To:

  • Be responsive and virtually interact with new and existing customers in a personal and transparent way.

  • Answer customer inquiries about your business operations and support.

  • Stay connected with your employees and your updates.

  • Get guests to feel safe at your facilities and enjoy their dining experience.

  • Create confidence in eating at your dining room and enjoy their favourite food.

  • Stay connected with your current guests and engage new customers.

  • Share photos, promotions and updates.

  • Share alternative services such as take-out and delivery.

  • Make sure you’re top-of–mind when they’re looking for their next place to dine out.


Download the latest PDF to help you navigate your social media presence during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Sysco Pop Up Shop

Transform your restaurant dining area into a pop up shop where your customers can shop for essential pantry items, while getting their meal to-go.

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