Butcher's Block

For customers focused on providing consistently sized portions with great taste, Butcher’s Block offers a breadth of quality meats, both fresh and frozen, for the best dining experience, every time.

Trimmed to Perfection

Butcher’s Block offers an array of primal products for all restaurant types as well as retail meat departments.

Respecting the Cut

The best butchers combine skillful knife-work with a sharp understanding of the proteins they prepare and the needs of the customers they serve. Their craft is honed over time, passed down through generations to ensure the highest quality standards, minimal waste, and consistent cuts. These same values guide all of us at Butcher’s Block.

The beef community has a legacy of craftsmanship that is shared at all levels. A skilled butcher who cares about each cut of meat and selecting the best way to get the maximum value. The rancher who cares about having comfortable, healthy and productive cattle. The chef who knows how to maximize the flavour, tenderness and presentation that makes the whole dining experience memorable. Diners appreciate all that has gone into the meal before it’s plated and presented. There’s an appreciation and recognition that the people involved have done their very best to bring healthy, tasty food to the table.

We’re building a legacy of excellence by leaving no detail untouched. Backed by a global network of specially-trained team members and executed by an unrivaled quality assurance process, we keep advancing the butcher craft on the scale our customers require. The result, we deliver high-yield, premium quality beef, pork, and veal. Doing so with consistency, small pack sizes, and rigid quality standards are examples of how we provide flexibility and a dependable protein solution throughout the year.

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