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App8 Digital Dining Solutions

Increase order velocity with App8’s commission-free digital dining solutions.

Sysco Advantage Offer: Sysco customers save 25% off our list price for our ordering software products. This allows you to deploy digital ordering for: dine in, take-out, catering and pre-orders. Omni-channel ordering gives you the ability to capture more orders seamlessly and drive more revenue.

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App8 Solutions

Seamless ordering for guests and staff

App8 simplifies the ordering process, requiring minimal training for both guests and staff while seamlessly integrating with your current service procedures. Elevate your focus on guest experience by eliminating the hassle of order taking.

Better transparency and timing for guests

With App8's order notifications, guests enjoy a more transparent and timely service, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat visits and orders.

Increase ordering opportunities and size

Integrate App8 QR codes into your existing marketing strategies to broaden ordering opportunities. Our adaptable menu configurations provide ample room for upselling, promotions, and suggested pairings, ultimately maximizing order size.

Integrated workflows

App8 seamlessly integrates with POS and loyalty platforms, ensuring a cohesive experience for businesses and customers alike.


"Sysco Corporation does not warrant or guarantee the efficacy or appropriateness of the products and/or services provided by any Advantage partner for use by Sysco customer. Customer should evaluate any Advantage partner's products and/or services to determine its suitability for customer's particular business requirements."