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Culinary Federation

Culinary Federation

Uniting chefs, cooks, and culinary partners

Join our mission to embrace the future of the food industry while honouring culinary tradition.

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The goal of the Culinary Federation is to unite chefs and cooks across Canada in a common dedication to professional excellence. The Culinary Federation (CF) was founded in 1963 and incorporated in Ottawa as a non-profit association in 1972. Since its inception, the federation has enjoyed a deep and long-standing tradition as Canada's true representation of the professional chef and cook.

Throughout its history as Canada's largest federally chartered professional chefs' organization, the name of the federation has undergone several changes to recognize the chef's continually changing role in the kitchen and education. From 1963-1982 the organization was called the Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine. When the importance and role of the professional cook was recognized, the name was changed to Canadian Federation of Chefs & Cooks. In 2003, when “inclusion” was the buzzword, it became necessary to recognize other competencies in culinary arts without forsaking the basic food preparation skills of a qualified cook, baker or pastry cook.

Membership in the Culinary Federation is available to any and all persons who actively seek and involve their career paths as a Cook Apprentice, Journeyman Cook, Professional Chef/Cook or Culinary Professional.

The Federation is a federally chartered, not for profit organization, and is managed by a member elected board of directors. Its membership is derived from Regional and City Branches who maintain their affiliation with the CF by way of the charter and acceptance of National Bylaws.

The business of the CF is presented at recognized annual conferences open to all members, invited guests and persons or organizations associated with the hospitality industry.


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