Sysco Advantage



Improve your business with real-time customer feedback! Foodback provides a fun and easy way to get actionable insights from your customers.

Sysco Advantage Offer:

Save $360 CAD annually per Foodback venue with Sysco Advantage's exclusive discount. Get Foodback for a monthly subscription of $59 CAD per venue. Sysco customers also save $100 CAD on implementation and only pay a one-time fee of $50 per venue.

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Foodback's Customer Feedback Software


Become Data-driven with Foodback

Our world-leading feedback software turns your customer's subjective experiences into actionable data. Foodback's built-in question stack was created in collaboration with guest experience experts and is designed to give you valuable insights from day one.

Take control of your customer relationships

Increase customer loyalty by empowering your guests to communicate directly with your business. Guests simply scan a QR code or click a link and complete a 20 second survey.

Stop reputational damage

Catch and fix customer criticism privately before they take it online.

Dine-in or take-out

Foodback's easy-to-use QR code works well for dine-in or take-out customers. Put the QR code on table tents, flyers, stickers, paper bags, pizza boxes, or other take-out materials!

Make meaningful business improvements

Ensure managers and stakeholders have access to Foodback's analytics. Foodback comes equipped with pre-made dashboards and reports so you can understand your data right away.


"Sysco Corporation does not warrant or guarantee the efficacy or appropriateness of the products and/or services provided by any Advantage partner for use by Sysco customer. Customer should evaluate any Advantage partner's products and/or services to determine its suitability for customer's particular business requirements."