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Foward Food - Creating healthy, sustainable menu options

Sysco Advantage Offer: Online culinary training available to Sysco customers. All other services are reserved for Sysco clients serving 750+ meals daily. Click Here for more information.

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Is your foodservice organization looking to be more sustainable? Do you want to add more plant-based options to your menu? Launched in Canada in 2017, Forward Food is a FREE program supported by Friends of Humane Society International that helps food service companies across the country succeed with their plant-based food goals. Our team of hospitality and sustainability professionals will help you put plants at the centre of the plate, improving sustainability, health, food costs and animal welfare. We work with campuses, hospitals, restaurants and more… If you have a food menu, we’re here to help!

We offer the following services and resources FREE of charge:

  • Culinary Experience: A hands-on culinary training experience for your foodservice professionals to learn how to make plant-based food that tastes amazing (in-person or remote).

  • Recipe & Menu Development: Our team of experts will work with your menu development team to create custom plant-forward recipes for your menu (in-person or remote).

  • Marketing & Promotion: We offer templates and assistance for developing marketing materials and strategies to showcase your plant-based options (remote).

  • Environmental Impact Measurement: We can assess the greenhouse gas emissions impact of your menu, before and after any changes have been implemented (remote). 

  • Educational Materials & Workshops: We have a wide range of educational materials about the many benefits of plant-based eating and can host an informative session for you and your team (in-person or remote).


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