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Moduurn is helping restaurateurs of all sizes, from enterprise clients to independent operators not only compete, but excel using Mobile Ordering as an effective and efficient way to help promote their business, keep control of their valuable brand and most importantly keep the profits where they belong – with their business.  Think of Moduurn more as a Marketing Engine than simply just a Mobile Ordering Solution.

We provide our clients with both a branded web APP to be used on their website and social media along with their own branded Native APPs which can be found in Google Play and Apple Stores.

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Is your restaurant experiencing any of these problems?


Staffing challenges?

Moduurn Solution: Ordering Automation, Table service, and QR Code ordering help your restaurant offset hours and hours of labor.

Extremely high third-party delivery fees?

Moduurn Solution: Using white-label delivery on your first-party ordering app, you can control, pricing, customer experience, and most importantly, costly third-party delivery fees.

Difficult technology that doesn’t fit your needs?

Moduurn Solution: You need a system that is configured to fit your operational needs. One that is simple to use and optimized for growth.

Counterspace clutter with a full-time employee standing in front of multiple tablets and managing orders?

Moduurn Solution: We call this “tablet hell”. Put all your online ordering solutions in a single place with an aggregator integration.

Inflation and supply chain costs getting out of control?

Moduurn Solution: Get all of these great solutions for $125/month, and for Sysco Partners only, Moduurn is waiving our set-up fee of $750.00*. No contracts. No commission.

*Up to 3 locations. Enterprise solutions enquire for more info.

Take Out - Delivery - Curbside Pickup - Table Service - Room Delivery - Concessions

Meal Plans - Catering - Gift Card & Loyalty